Bed and Breakfast with Private Rooms in a Vintage Home in Mt. Vernon, WA

The formal front entry stepsHighland Garden House is CLOSED.

A budget B & B conveniently located just above the beautiful Skagit Valley in Mount Vernon, WA, Highland Garden House Bed & Breakfast offers private rooms for travelers and visitors needing lodging at reasonable prices.  Our two 2nd floor rooms have great views and the stucco and plaster construction of this house, built in 1930, ensure a quiet and restful retreat.

We do not attempt to appeal to everyone, but Highland Garden House B & B might be just what YOU are looking for. (Smoker?  Read this: We are 100% non-smoking/non smoker.)
After you have stayed with us, you may describe us as a ‘budget B&B’ or European pension.
What do the rooms look like? What is the availability? What does it cost? Who is the Host?

One recent guest: “Not your typical B & B.”
Another: “..a real, traditional B & B, in the European way.”
and another: “My week long stay was lovely…”
… “Like staying with a friend”
Room rates range from $49 (single, 2 or more nights, N. Room) to $83 (two persons, single night, S. Room) per night.

Highland Garden House Bed and Breakfast, 501 E. Highland Ave., Mount Vernon, WA, 360-419-7292