Your Host

Dennis George, your host.  Yes, I usually will be at home when you arrive, I was just in the North Cascades last summer when this photo was snapped!  (Looks like I could have used a little more sunscreen along with the big hat!)

I have interests in gardening, cooking, kayaking, cycling, history (as in learning to not repeat the bad stuff and repeat the good stuff), geology (as in the Ice Ages and Monumental Floods in WA State), home improvement, painting (both house and acrylics on canvas) and computer programming/technology.

In my past I have been a berry picker, pea viner driver, short order cook, chef, truck driver, asst. food warehouse manager, organic truck farmer, cut flower grower, nurseryman, systems analyst, computer applications engineer, among others.  Starting this B and B was a juxtaposition of wanting a part time job that utilized my current resources, talents and time.  I am not in the business to make a full living wage off Highland Garden House.  I designed this business to be the kind that I would want to find if I were traveling: a good value, healthful food, a nice quiet place, etc.  I do not offer a lot of amenities that I would not want to pay for that I would not want nor use.  This is especially true of the visitor or traveler that is just staying one night and moving on.  Guests that are staying for longer periods will notice that their sheets are not changed and the room is not tidied every day; kind of like home!  Why pay for these services that seem so unnecessary?

I hope you will feel at home at Highland Garden House as much as I do.

Dennis George, proprietor

Highland Garden House Bed and Breakfast, 501 E. Highland Ave., Mount Vernon, WA, 360-419-7292