No Sweat Baguette (s)

Finished Loafs

A very simple way to make this classic bread.  Start with my standard Peasant Bread recipe.  The next day, after the 24 hour rise, knead the dough in the bowl, add some white flour to the bowl, turn, knead, spin and turn.  The dough should be just a bit sticky inside, but the outside is not.

Divide the dough into about 400 gram portions.  Shape into balls and let rest an hour.

Take each ball and work on a lightly floured board.  Flatten out to the length of your baguette pan and 3 times the width.  Fold lengthwise twice to make a long loaf, about the size of your pan unit.  Loaves will fill the space about half way. Place in pan seam side down right on the pan, no paper, no oil.  Repeat two more times.  Cross slit loaves with a serrated knife as shown.  Just 1/8 inch deep.  Let rise another hour in pan.

Preheat oven to 450f.  I like to use a pizza stone under the loaf pan on middle rack..  Also place a cast iron fry pan on bottom shelf.  When oven is hot, put loaves in oven middle rack and place a 1/4 cup of boiling water in small cast iron fry pan.  The purpose of the water is make a moist environment in the oven during the ‘oven spring’ time.  This keeps the rising loaf from crusting over too soon.  The water will be gone in about 5 minutes.


Bake 25 minutes or so.  Enjoy!

Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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