Flat Bread or Pizza Crust

This great technique uses the same bread dough as my Peasant Bread.  The difference is in how the dough is ‘baked.’

Make a batch of the Peasant Bread dough.  This takes 24 hours, mostly waiting for that slow rise that makes this bread so yummy!

The next day, do the rough knead/add flour in the bowl as for the covered casserole baking technique.  When dough is dry enough to handle, but still pretty loose and sticky inside as far as added flour goes, divide dough into 100 gram balls, rolled in a little flour to handle. Let rest 60 minutes.

Pre-heat a large flat non-stick fry pan to med-high.  Shape the weighed balls with your hand on a lightly floured board, flattening out, turning often.  Finish with a rolling pin.  Turn again and again, dust with a small amount of flour each time.  Make them as thin as you can and still be able to pick them up, like a pie crust.  They will be very rubbery.  If you start to get sticking-to-board issues, dust with more flour.  I like mine about 1/8 inch thick at this stage.

Place ‘breads’ into the hot skillet.  You will be ‘baking’ a total of about 3 minutes each, turning every 30 seconds or so.  As you turn them you will notice bubbling and browning.  This is what you want!  They will also puff up at least double in thickness.  As each is cooking, prep the next one.

Stack on a plate to cool.

Don’t worry about making them perfect, it just makes them more ‘artisanal.’  Some will come out like pita breads, some more like naan or small, flat ciabatta.  As you see, I have a pan that has short sides and a patterned bottom.  This works great, as turning them is easy.

When freezing, I place a waxed interleave sheet between each one, this makes it easy to take just one or a few out of the freezing container and keeps them from sticking together.

To make a precooked pizza dough, roll out a ball of dough that is about the same size as

Pizza Size

Pizza Size

your skillet.  I used about 350 grams of dough.  Roll it out on a piece of parchment paper.  Flour and turn often as you flatten and shape.  Use the paper to transfer to your hot skillet, quickly flipping the sheet upside down.  Bake same as the small ones.


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