The Methow

Dry and Open Forest TrailI find it interesting that we call our area “The Skagit” and just over the ‘hill’ you have “The Methow.”  It is the same terminology:  it describes an area of great diversity, not a single place or town or famous beach or river or pub.  It is the state of mind of the locals and all who visit.  It is more the whole community and collection of all the things that make the two areas great.  Each area’s name is after the main river that flows through it.  We have a lot in common and a lot in uncommon.

Took a little one day visit in October 2014 to “The Methow.”  This was the one day that I picked off the calendar that was supposed to be better weather than what we have been having, on both sides of the ‘hill.’  (the ‘hill’ is the Cascade Range.)

A good two lane paved road connects us over the North Cascades.  This road is closed 3-5 months of the year due to heavy snow fall and extreme avalanche risk.  This is a Summer Road.  You go over two 5000 ft Passes on this road.  The long slow drive up the Skagit River is taken over by the extreme and fast descent from Washington Pass to “The Methow,”  on the east side.  The highway is generally closed from Nov to April.  But winters can be variable and in 1974 the road was not opened until June 14!  In 2003 it was closed on October 17.  In the winter of 1976-77 it did not close at all.

WinthropWinthrop is a tiny western-motif town that is a pleasure to stroll about in.  Wood sidewalks and all!

Winthrop is home to the oldest legal saloon in Washington state.

In 1883 the lure of gold brought the first permanent white settlers.

The North Cascades National Park with its pristine forests and stunning views borders to the west.

Winthrop (pop. 393 – 2009 census, elevation 1765′) is known for the American Old West design of all the buildings in town, making it a popular Washington vacation destination.

Additional photos taken in October of 2017 around Washington Pass:

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  1. Highland Garden House visitor says:

    Winthrop is such a quaint town. Beautiful surrounding area with lots of hiking and cross country skiing. And so close to Skagit Valley, …

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