Alger Alp via Squires Lake Park Trails

View from FR 1000 and FR 1300

View from FR 1000 and FR 1300

Alger Alp, also called Old Baldy by the locals, is a lowland peak that is part of the Chuckanut Mountain system, east of I-5.  It is composed mostly of Chuckanut Sandstone and shale.  It has been logged at least once, as you can see from the massive stumps of Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.  A very detailed description about the geology is made by Dave Tucker in a post here.  I recommend that you read Dave’s post first to get a feel for what you are going to be looking at, then read it again after hiking to the top of Alger Alp.



There are two routes to get to the top of Alger Alp.  This post is about the route that starts in Squires Lake Park.  Allow 3 to 4 hours for a round trip of about 6 miles.  For a description of the park and trails see my previous post here.

I highly recommend trekking poles for any hike.

Park in the lot for Squires Lake Park on Old 99, north of Alger.  Hike to the lake.  Take the Loop trail to the right, after a bit you will see the South Ridge trail forking off to the right, take it.  You climb along a ridge with the lake on your left and Friday Creek, Old 99 and I-5 way down the hill on your right.  After about 1/3 mile you come to another fork.  Take the Pacific Northwest Trail fork to your right.  The trail follows a hog back ridge for another 1/3 mile, where it ends at Forest Road (FR) 1340.  Now you hike on logging roads to the top.  Some of the roads are marked, some are not and some are marked with two different numbers.   Stay on FR 1300 until it intersects with FR 1000, which continues up and to the left.  Go up FR 1000.  (The other route to Alger Alp is up FR1000 from a small parking lot off of Alger-Cain Lake Road.  This route is ALL on logging roads.) You are now on the north side of the peak, no other roads to confuse you.

Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker

The top opens up to views to the south, west and east.  I-5 rumbles far below you.  You may take FR 1000 back down the hill, but if your car is parked at Squires Lake, I recommend that you return the same way you came!

Dennis’til next time,
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