Bowman’s Bay/Rosario Head Winter Hike

MapA very nice out-and-back hike that is not too far from Mount Vernon.  This hike is in Deception Pass State Park, on the Skagit County/Fidalgo Island side of the park.  In the map view to the left, the trail is about where the red dashed line is. Click map for full size view.

Bowman Trail

Bowman Trail

Deception Pass is the most popular of all the State Parks in the State of Washington.  If you have never been there, you are in for a lot of surprises.  Even with the summer crunch of crowds, this park can really suck up a lot of people.  So diverse, convoluted, lots of trails, beaches, rocks and trees, on and on!  Camping, picnicking, just sitting in your car and watch the sea, which in this Park is more ‘Ocean like’ than a lot of the rest of the Salish Sea.

Rosario Head Cliffs

Rosario Head Cliffs

I like to park on the Bowman Bay side and point my car toward the beach.  DISCOVER PASS REQUIRED. In the summer this can be a challenge, but in November, most of the 10 slots are open!  You follow the Bowman Bay trail which starts right from the parking lot and heads along the beach, then climbs along the cliff, toward Rosario Beach.  After about 1/2 mile you are at Rosario Beach and you can explore the beach area before climbing Rosario Head, on the Rosario Head Trail.  These are both pretty short trails, walks really, not hikes.
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Dennis George
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