Down and Dirty Shoe Repair

When your sneakers, walking or hiking shoes go from ‘dress’ to work or painting service, there is usually a reason.  But the reason is not usually that the tread and sole is worn out.  It mostly is due to holes and gashes where the stitching or glue has come undone.

I have found a very quick and easy way to do a repair using fiberglass window screen scraps and Shoe-Goo.

I always save scraps of window screen as I replace mine as I also use the screening to strain paints.  Don’t use used screening, it has been in the sun/weather and is about half shot already.  In a pinch you could also use sheet rock seam fiberglass mesh tape, using this same technique.

Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair

Cut a piece of window screen to make a band-aid like covering for the repair.  Using a flat stick, like a Popsicle stick, spread the area with Shoe-Goo.  Apply the screen piece and press in and through the Shoe-Goo.  You will want to spread the Goo out to and beyond the edge of the screen, so there are no loose edges.  Now spread a little more Goo over the top and smooth out.  That’s it!

Wait at least on hour for the Goo to set up and you are good to go!

(Caution!  Shoe-Goo is very sticky, try to not get any on your hands.)
Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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