Then and Now: Ronnies on Old 99 South in Mt. Vernon, WA

Ronnies - Then

Ronnies – Then

I vaguely remember the arched roof of Ronnie’s on Old 99 south in the 1960s.  Was interested anew when I came across this postcard view.  Too bad that there are not any cars in the view, that would have helped to pinpoint the date better. (When I take street view photos now, I try to get some vehicles in the scene, for this reason.).

As you can see it was an auto service/butcher/cold locker/grocery concern.  This was in

Ronnies Sign

Ronnies Sign

the days when many people did not have large freezers and would need to rent space in a facility like this.   I notice in the aerial view that there was also a motel on the south side of the property.  I visited this site also

Ronnies Aerial

Ronnies Aerial

and found…..nothing…….. just a level plot of grass.

In the foreground of the aerial photo is the Dave Cleve’s Greenhouse range, now part of Skagit Gardens.  I believe that that is a 1956 Chevy in the front.  That two story white building is the old Cedardale Fire House; still standing.  (This whole stretch of Old 99 South, from the railroad tracks to most of the way to Conway was, and still is, known as Cedardale.)

Now - 2015

Now – 2015

The Now photo shows the current occupant of this property: The Baker Community Presbyterian Church, built in 1997.

Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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