Big Rock Hike

Map of Big Rock

Map of Big Rock

This short hike is just a few miles east of Highland Garden House.  It is sort of an urban peak.  A through-the forest and out into-the-open hike with a steep scramble near the top.  Click the photo for full size map.  Big Rock is right in the middle, that bald spot.

There are a number of these ‘big rocks’ poking up around here, like islands pushing up from the valley floors.  Geological they are all related;  harder rock that has yet to wear down to sea level.

Trail Start

Trail Start

Big Rock is a Skagit County Park.  I visited the Skagit County Parks and Recreation web page where they said that this park is closed and is surrounded by private land.  Huh?  It adjoins State Highway 9 just south of the Big Rock Store.  And that is where you park and start the trail.  A bit south of the Big Rock Store is where you park and start the hike.  There is a gravel and pot-hole-filled pull off on the east side of SR 9, enough for 3 cars, just to the west, across the highway, is the well marked trail, #15050, shown in the photo.

Take: trekking poles, good hiking shoes or boots, water, snacks, camera.

Start of Rocks

Start of Rocks

The trail starts out steep and in the woods, you level off a few times and then the open rocky areas start to appear.  There is only one fork in the trail, still in the woods, take the right fork.  As the second growth trees thin, you are presented with about the most treacherous part of the hike.  Scramble this and the rest is actually easier.  Up and out and over the moss and grass covered rocks.  This hike is not a big investment, but is really a big return!


There are several knobs and peaks to choose from; pick one and relax and soak in the views.


Looking East towards Cultus

Looking East towards Cultus


Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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1 Response to Big Rock Hike

  1. Jessy says:

    Loved hiking this trail after work for a long time…but now theres a no trespassing notice that is very new.
    Wish it wasnt closed was a favorite, very peaceful hike :((

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