Then and Now: Mount Vernon Union High School

MVHS 1925

MVHS 1925

This local history post is about a place that is near, literally, and dear to me. I graduated from this school in 1970. And, Highland Garden House Bed and Breakfast has a view of the front of the school. I never really left!

This photo was taken in 1925, 3 years after the construction of what is now called ‘Old Main.’  In my school days, most of the classes were held in this building.  Only the tech stuff like wood shop, Ag, welding, drafting and Auto Shop were held in different buildings.

This style is called Collegiate Gothic.  It is a fine example of an all brick exterior, terra cotta features and the stairs and all interior hall floors are the original terrazzo.  During the 1920s Skagit County experienced a burst of growth; this new high school was needed.  (The original 1890 High School is just down the hill 3 blocks and how houses the Mount Vernon School District Administrative offices.) Most of the evergreen trees in the Then photo still stand.  The Redwood tree on the left side of the sidewalk is now huge.  There is another Redwood on the north west side of the building that is very small in this photo, but today, only 90 years later, is humongous!

MVHS 2015

MVHS 2015

Notice how much those redwoods and Douglas Firs have grown! The Now photo is slightly off from the same angle due to a new fence that was in the way. In the far right of the Now photo is the original Gym.  In my day this was the ‘Old Gym.’  This gym was used for dances, basketball practice, etc.  I still remember those decrepit locker rooms under the bleachers!  Athletes foot fungus probably still lurks within those cold concrete floors…..


Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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One Response to Then and Now: Mount Vernon Union High School

  1. Dick Raymond says:

    I grew up just up the hill from where this photo was taken. 🙂 1104 Fulton St. (right across from the new gym!) 🙂 My sisters, myself and my brother all graduated from MVHS! 🙂 4 of my Grandkids have Graduated from Mt. Vernon High School now and I have 1 that will graduate this year from MVHS! 🙂 Hopefully the old school will still be in use when my youngest grand daughter graduates from High School! 🙂

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