Then and Now: College Way and I-5



This very spar looking overpass, even before the approach fill is added, looks like it is in the middle of a corn field, which it is, in 1955!  This view of the College Way and I-5 overpass was taken looking East from about where College Way dead ends near Lowes.

And now, 60 years later, the march of progress has filled this corn field over many times.  This road was originally named the Mount Vernon/Clear Lake Road because it ran between….well you get it.  When the Freeway went through the Skagit Valley at this point the name of the road was changed to College Way, honoring the new Skagit Valley Junior College, which was a few miles east of this point.  At that time, the College was WAY out of town.  Now the town has grown to it and beyond.



The Now view clearly shows the clutter of ‘progress.’  Currently, the middle of the overpass holds 4 lanes of traffic, the plan is to dig out those two smaller openings at each end and create one more new lane in each direction.  The biggest problem with this intersection is that the lights are too close together and WalMart is just north of here.



Here is an interesting aerial view of the same overpass in 1969, north is at the top.  Notice no frontage roads.

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