Then and Now – Flooding and Flood Wall

1995 Flood


In celebration of our annual Flood Awareness Week, I am publishing a little post about our new Flood Wall.  To the left is a photo taken from the Division Street Bridge of our waterfront area during the November 1995 flood.  This shows how high a really big flood can be, there is a row of sandbags just in front of that row of buildings.  The area between the planters and the buildings is parking area and what is left of Front Street.


Flood Wall 2014


In the past 20 years we have come a long way; it actually took all that time to get the plan and funding for the new Flood Wall.  The photo at the left shows Phase 2 of the three Phases.  This is the most fancy of the three and has a place for a town square on the waterfront, a Farmers Market place, pedestrian pathways, etc.  this section runs the length of the main downtown area.

The short wall can be filled in at the various openings with metal pieces to keep the water out of downtown Mount Vernon.  Ninety-Nine point Nine percent of the time they will be open for pedestrian use.  Above the short wall another 3 feet can Openingsalso be added to keep the REALLY BIG floods out.  Not sure what that is but the low wall is supposed to keep the 100 year floods out of town.  That is a flood that has a 1% chance of happening in any given year.



Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
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