Oso Slide and More

Oso SlideNow that SR 530 is open again between Arlington and Darrington we decided to take a little drive and see what the slide looks like in person.  The highway does go right through the slide area and looks like an other worldly place.  Moonscape?  Hell?  The photos here do not do justice to the immensity of the destruction.  That bare hillside is about 2 miles away from the road.

This area is about an hours drive from Highland Garden House.  We went the ‘back way’ via Big Lake and SR 9.  You can also get to this area by going SR 20 to Rockport, South to Darrington then west on SR 530.  Or, come in via the Mountain Loop Highway via Granit Falls, Barlow Pass and Darrington.

Three FingersFor our route home we decided to not return to the flat lands and try a little adventure by going north from the hamlet of Oso on the Deer Creek road to Lake Cavanaugh.  This is a partially paved logging road that is suitable for passenger cars.  There is a great overlook a few miles up, just before you go through the ‘pass.’  The Stillaguamish Valley is laid before you and Whitehorse and Three Fingers (6850 ft) peaks rise in the east.  That water fall is the beginnings of the Boulder River crashing down the side of Three Fingers; it flows into the ‘Stilly’ east of the slide area, near the hamlet of Hazel.

Stilly Valley

Stilly Valley

Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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