Simple Way to Get to or From SeaTac Airport

SKATI have done a lot of investigating about how to use public transportation around here.  The most difficult route to put together is from or to Sea-Tac Airport, between Seattle and Tacoma.  Now I, with the help of a regular guest, have found the perfect combination of thrift and speed.

bellairYou take the Airporter Shuttle from their Burlington Station directly to or from Sea-Tac.  To get to their Station, you take the SKAT 208 Bus, either North of South.  The 208 is a continuous loop route that goes between Skagit Station and the Chuckanut Park and Ride, with a major stop at the Cascade Mall, on Burlington Blvd.  It runs every 30 minutes, from about 7 AM to 9 PM so you are sure to find a time that will help you make your Airporter bus. There are about a dozen other stops available along this route, which basically takes Old Highway 99 (Riverside Drive and Burlington Blvd) the entire way.  The closest stop to Highland Garden House Bed and Breakfast is just two blocks away at the G & M Market at 4th Street and Highland Avenue.  (Yes, 8th is still only two blocks from 4th, go figure.) You also have a stop on Lawrence Street, one block to the south.  If you are hauling luggage, the Lawrence stop may be a better choice, because of the hill we are on.

The Airporter will cost you between 24 and 32 dollars, but will drop you right at the Airport.  The SKAT 208 leg will cost you one dollar.  The 208 will drop you very near the Burlington Fred Meyer, an easy walk to the Airporter station, one block.

Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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