Baker River Trail #606

Kate and Baker RiverTook a little half day hike with Kate Williams in early May of 2013 up along the Baker River.  The trail head for this hike is about 50 miles from Highland Garden House Bed and Breakfast.  About 25 miles on regular 2 lane roads, 20 miles on a paved secondary road and 5 miles of graded gravel, dirt, pot holes and dust.  A perfect place!  That last stretch keeps the flatlanders out!

This trail is an up and back, as it ends about 2.5 miles from the parking lot.  I have heard that the pioneer trail continues, but has not been maintained in years.  In this country, a trail that is not maintained goes down hill fast, literally!  What with falling trees, winter storms, avalanches, HUGE boulders dropping off vertical cliffs, you can imagine.  You will see what I mean if you do this trail.  Big Cedar along trailFallen trees, huge boulders everywhere.  And some pretty impressive very old cedars.

You park at the end of the road in a lot with outhouses and picnic tables.  Forest Pass required for parking in lot, but back down the road a bit it is not.  There is no water here, but the river looks good enough to drink, if you run out.  There are numerous creeks flowing from the east flanks of Mt. Baker along this trail, which may be a better choice.  Less chance of human interference.

This trail is pretty level and there are only a few rough spots.  Regular hiking shoes or boots should be worn.

I am going to add a few more photos of our hike to give you a better idea of what this country looks like.


Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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