‘Heaven on Earth’ Roses

DSCN9751A really nice rose that we have at the back entrance.  It is named ‘Heaven on Earth’ but our nickname for it is ‘Hey sailor, lookin’ for a date?’  🙂   Take a look at the pictures.  These fully double roses have a multiple buds on a single stem. The main bud is very large and is the first to open, the smaller side buds open later, even when cut and vased.  The stem is not nearly strong enough to support all those buds!

I do a full lower support with rebar and twine early in the season.  Later, as the stems elongate and start to show buds, I take 18″ lengths of wire and make shepherd’s crooks at each end to support the heavy stem.  These wires are hooked together in the middle, to each other or to the rebar and twine supports.

These girls are so top heavy they would have DSCN9753their faces in the mud without the additional ‘underwire’ support.  As cut roses there is no equal.  I cut the entire ‘bunch’ and condition.  The center flower is the big show for a while, then when she is tired, the side buds open.  A single stem will fill a vase for weeks.



Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House B & B
501 E. Highland Ave.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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2 Responses to ‘Heaven on Earth’ Roses

  1. ming says:

    wow, Dennis, your roses are spectacular. We have just put in a pink climbing rose vine this week. There are lots and lots of buds on the plant when we purchased it. But already within 2 days, the leaves are turning white, and the petals on the buds are falling off before they have a chance to open up. My husband thinks the sprinkler is getting the entire plant wet and thus causing some mildew. At this stage I can only hope this condition clears up and we get some big blooms. Our rose is called New Dawn by Star.


    • Ming, I found that doing nothing except pruning and supporting is my style for rose growing. Also, it takes a newly planted rose about 3 years to get it’s roots down and developed. Pests and diseases seems to diminish after this period. We get rain here, so keeping the foliage dry is fruitless. I do make sure the ground is evenly wetted through the summer, though. I also take a lot of cut roses off my plants and keep the spent blooms cut off. This Heaven on Earth has been in this spot 5 years. You are in the Okanogan? Dennis

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