Secret Slough…and the other little sloughs

A beautiful day for a little slough kayaking.  This post will be mostly photos.  The South Forks of the Skagit River are a kayakers dream.  I like to use my little, 9 ft., kayak as those very narrow watercourses make turning around much easier.  Put in/take out at Milltown.Bayou Country

Small Boat Slough

Small Boat Slough

Small Boat Slough?, yeah, I made this up, but maybe it will stick. Was just able to turn this little boat around at this point, paddle in the grass, both sides.  The current was to the North on this little stretch, but the water was getting shallower. What?  The main stems of the river around here are South. ??

The approximate location of the photo above is shown below.  The little sloughs are different than the satellite view.

Out of the boat

Secret Slough

Secret Slough

These photos were taken near Tom Moore Slough, this is east of Steamboat Slough.  You are within 1.5 miles of I-5, and a quarter mile from a BNSF mainline and a well traveled state highway between Conway and Stanwood.  At one point the only sound was the birds, the wind and the bees.  As a train was heard, a jet overhead was seen and a herd of motorcycles went by on the highway, the spell was broken.  But, this is a very special place, very easy to get to and you will have it all to yourself.

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