The Conway Muse

The MuseWhat the heck is The Conway Muse?  Well, it depends on who you talk to.  It is sort of a cross between a country roadhouse, a barn dance facility, a cafe, a speak-easy, an open mic/ad lib/jam stage, etc, etc.
You will start to get the idea when you get to Conway, just off I-5, 5 miles south of Mt. Vernon, WA., but as soon as you cross the tracks, you will know that you have arrived at some place special.  Swing onto Main Street, drive west to where it ends near the ballfields and the Fire Station and look to the left.  The Muse is straight ahead.  The actual address is 18444 Spruce Street.
The Muse was voted #1 Live Music Venue, Skagit County’s People’s Choice Awards for 2012.

From their web site: “a unique and eclectic performance, culinary and visual arts venue”


Check their web site for what’s up at The Muse.

Phone 360-445-3000

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