July 4th Activities

MV LogoThe City of Mount Vernon puts on a free event at Edgewater Park during the day and a free spectacular over-the-river fireworks display at dusk, about 10 PM, always on the 4th of July.  You can bring your chairs or blankets and watch from the east side of the Skagit River or if you are at Edgewater park, from the west side.  This event includes fun food, stuff to buy, music and lots of other things.  The fireworks display can be send from Highland Garden House, minus the low stuff.  Mount Vernon does NOT do a Parade for the 4th.

Big Lake Fire Dept.The community of Big Lake, just 5 miles to the east of Mount Vernon, puts on an over-the-lake fireworks display always on the 3rd of July, at dusk.  This event is sponsed by the Big Lake Fire Department and has been put on since 1963.  Be aware that the the FD sets up road blocks in the community and will be hitting you up for a ‘donation’ of $3 per person.  Since this is an event that is solely funded by donations, this is the way that it gets paid for.

(Check back to this post for updates in the Spring of 2013 for more details on 4th of July activities in and near Mount Vernon, WA.)

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