Lincoln Theatre

Lincoln TheaterThe Lincoln Theatre has been in Mount Vernon since 1926.  It has served Skagit County through the Great Depression and the Great Recession.  And it still stands proud.  The largely renovated exterior and interior is a delight to the eyes with its Spanish motif.  Still containing the original Wurlitzer pipe organ, which is played for special events and shows, the Lincoln was originally built for vaudeville and silent movies.

The theatre works with local school districts, hosting school performances and workshops by performing artists on tour, as well as annual concerts by secondary school bands. The theatre hosts concerts by the local youth symphony, presents community-sponsored children’s theatre productions, as well as serving as a venue for fund-raising events by local service organizations. The Lincoln Theatre Center Foundation, founded in 1987, is a registered nonprofit organization supported by over 600 members from Skagit and adjoining counties.

New Lincoln SignTo the left is a photo of the installation of the ‘new’ sign, created to match the original 1926 sign, which somehow got lost along the way.  On the Lincoln Theatre web site is a picture of the old theatre and the original sign.

(When we were growing up in Mount Vernon in the late 1950s and 60s the Lincoln was one of three full time theatres in downtown.  The Lincoln always showed the ‘A’ movies.  The Lido, now offices and stores, showed the ‘B’ movies, and the Lyric, on the Skagit River dike, now an antique store, showed the ‘C’ movies.  I cannot ever remember actually going to the Lyric!  (Amazon Women Meet Space Aliens, ‘Poor White Trash,’ etc.))

See the web site of the Lincoln Theatre

712 S. First St.
Mount Vernon, WA

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