Empire Ale House

Empire Ale House

Under new Management as of 2016.

(Pre 2016: The Empire Ale House is pretty new to the pub district in downtown Old Town Mount Vernon.  Started in the back space of the River and Main gift shop by the previous owner of the Porterhouse, also on Gates, this great neighborhood style pub is a gem.  Great atmosphere, food and beer selection.  This is the kind of place that you will be glad you ‘discovered!’ )

2017: With that said, the original Empire is no more.  The service is still good, but the prices are higher, the menu is a bit weird (who puts horseradish in cole slaw dressing?) and the food quality is mediocre. You used to have to get lucky to even get a place to sit down, no more.  Bar space and tables empty day or night. This place is now on my ‘Unrecommended List.

(The new owners do not have a web site and the Empire on Facebook is left over from the previous owners.)


314 W. Gates St
Mount Vernon, WA

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