What have I learned in my first month running a B and B?

You wash your hands a lot more.

Your house and gardens are always neat as a pin, or could be made so in “15 minutes.”

You CAN do the other things in your life, between the guest needs: biking, artistic endeavors, napping, kayaking, day trading, etc.

Your guest rooms are ALWAYS ready for guests.

There are always plenty of ice cubes.

People on holiday are generally a gay and happy sort.

Any errant hair can be blamed on the cat.

People eat less for and of breakfast than I thought.

People do wait until the last minute.

Your seamstress skills take on a new importance.

The cookie jar is always at least half full.

You have a stream of interesting people flowing through your house and life, then they leave.


Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House, 501 E. Highland Ave., Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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4 Responses to What have I learned in my first month running a B and B?

  1. Hi Dennis
    Congratulations to opening your business and to your success!! I came across your website though the article on “Hotel Propeller Blog”. I am always on the lookout to see how other people run their B&Bs … it is so interesting how many similarities we can find but also to see things done differently or to just read about experiences.
    We opened our B&B in spring 2011 so I still would consider us newbies but we had owned and run a Motor-Inn for 11 years before we semi-retired to our B&B. We love this kind of business coming from a totally different profession before the accommodation business.
    May I ask if you run your B&B all by yourself? And what was your carrier before you moved on the become an innkeeper (chef ? did I get that right ?) ?
    Anyway will keep you on my “favourite-list” to check in on how you are doing 🙂 and I will go and like you on FB …… come and “visit” us too. We too have the whole repertoire of social media attached to our websites.
    All the best and success to you from Canada (we are located between Ottawa and Montreal … East from you)

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