Day Trip to Port Townsend, on the cheap!

I thought that posting a way to get to PT via the free Island Transit bus from Skagit Station would be a great idea….stay posted as soon as I figure out the bus schedules and how they line up or do not line up with WSF, I will have it licked!  Theory: Take the free bus from MV to Keystone Ferry, buy a walk on ticket for $3.10 for PT.  Spend the day and have lunch walking and shopping around PT, take the ferry back.  Don’t forget to stop at Dogs-A-Foot, a PT instutition on East Water Street. What fun, you have a nice ride all over the Skagit Valley and North Whidbey, take a voyage, snoop up the cool PT down town, eat some great food, all on the cheap!.  Maybe stop at Tobys in Coupeville on the way back, this kind of trip is thirsty work. Toby’s is one of my favorite places: great crowd, food and view of Penn Cove.  This is where you can increase your ‘mussels.’
Dennis’til next time,
Dennis George
Highland Garden House, 501 E. Highland Ave., Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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